3 Key Differences Between Property Wholesalers and Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno Real Estate Agents

A wholesaler offers homeowners an option when they are trying to sell a property; typically, these houses are in a state of severe disrepair and often don’t garner their market value with a traditional listing on the MLS. Seen as bargains by typical buyers, offers, though rare, are usually insultingly low offers. Wholesalers are dedicated … Continued

5 Common Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Professional Property Buyers in Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno

If only I’d known. Before you find yourself saying this about the benefits of working with professional property buyers, instead of listening to gossip and rumors, why not take the time to educate yourself about how the process works. Investigate for yourself; you’ll find that local professional property buyers offer this option as a solution … Continued

5 Ways the Foreclosure of Your Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno House Will Impact You in the Future

The wheels that drive foreclosures turn very slowly, and there is ample opportunity to steer the ship in a new direction and salvage your future. Sadly, foreclosure is entirely avoidable, yet lives are often damaged for years because homeowners didn’t understand the consequences and took no action to prevent the process.  Whatever circumstances change to … Continued

5 Reasons Why it is Better to Work With a Professional Home Buyer in Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno vs. an iBuyer

No matter why you’re considering selling to an iBuyer, the conveniences that iBuyers may seem to offer may be far outweighed by the negatives lurking below the surface.  iBuyers work on a large scale basis and sellers often find that questions and concerns go unanswered because the company just doesn’t care. Professional buyers are a … Continued

How to Set Up a Rent to Own Agreement That Will Help You Sell Your Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno House for the Highest Price Possible

Have you ever considered using a rent to own agreement to sell your house in Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno? The real estate market is in a period of transition as more people are working from home, and homeschooling is on the rise. Many would-be buyers are also transitioning their credit standing to prepare for homeownership … Continued

5 Tips for Selling Your Multi-Family Property in Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno

Unlike a private home, selling your multi-family property involves several people, depending on the number of units. Sellers must put a great deal of consideration into the transaction to ensure they aren’t crossing any legal lines regarding the laws, rules, and regulations of Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno by which multi-family property owners must abide. Failure … Continued